07 July 2022
7:30 pm
Aspen Alumni Annual Meeting
Uría Menéndez

Aspen Alumni Annual Meeting

July 7th at 7.30 pm
Auditorio Uría Menéndez

Aspen Institute España will bring together all friends and participants in the Aspen Alumni Annual Meeting on Thursday, July 7th, a good opportunity to exchange impressions, meet participants from other programs, and celebrate the end of the year together, as well as an opportunity to thank them for their support, interest and commitment to the Aspen España project.

The event will take place at 7.30 pm in the Auditorium of Uría Menéndez (Príncipe de Vergara 187, Madrid) and will start with a colloquium on “Europe and the war in Ukraine” with Natalie Jaresko, President of the Aspen Institute Kyiv and former Minister of Finance of Ukraine, and Juan Pablo García-Berdoy, former Ambassador Permanent Representative to the European Union. A cocktail will follow the colloquium for the attendees.

Every year, Aspen Institute España brings together all those who have participated in or supported Aspen’s programs and activities in Spain in recent years.



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