09 June 2023 - 11 June 2023
Aspen-Cañada Blanch Seminar “Leadership and Values in Europe”
Parador de El Saler (Valencia)

Aspen-Cañada Blanch Seminar “Leadership and Values in Europe”


Aspen Institute España and Fundación Cañada Blanch hosted from June 9th to 11th the fifth edition of the Aspen – Cañada Blanch Seminar “Leadership and Values in Europe”, bringing together 20 young emergent leaders, ages 25 to 30, from different areas of our society at El Saler, Valencia. The Seminar was moderated by Marian Ahumada, Professor of Constitutional Law at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Aspen España Fellow, and Lara Jiménez de Parga, Lecturer in Philosophy of Law at the University of Barcelona and Senior Design Researcher.

Aspen lnstitute España is an independent nonprofit foundation in partnership with Aspen Institute (US). The mission of Aspen España is to promote values-based leadership and public policies. After more than ten years, Aspen Institute España is recognized for the quality of its debates and seminars and its capacity to create a plural and balanced forum for the debate of critical societal issues.

Fundación Cañada-Blach was founded in 1970, thanks to Vicente Cañada Blanch first donation. Its mission is to promote the culture, especially among young students, and to carry out cultural activities related to the latest research advantages, philosophy, social debate, and arts, of the Community of Valencia and the UK.

Following the leadership programs developed through the years by Aspen Institute España, the Aspen–Cañada Blanch Seminar on Leadership and Values in Europe aims to think and debate about leadership in the 21st century. Participants debate around a selection of different classic and contemporaneous readings of political philosophy and literature. The seminar also introduces some current political, social and ethical tensions.

The seminar, moderated through the Socratic method used in other Aspen Institute España programs, aims to improve the quality of the questions and the debate on current challenges and timeless issues around human values.

The Seminar was sponsored by the State Secretariat for the European Union and the Hablamos de Europa (Let’s Talk About Europe) initiative.


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Parador de El Saler (Valencia)
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