22 October 2020 - 24 October 2020
Aspen España Seminar “Leadership and Values”

Aspen España Seminar 2020 “Leadership and Values”


Aspen Institute España has celebrated the first edition of the Aspen España Seminar “Leadership and Values” last October 22-24 of 2020, in collaboration with Open Value Foundation.

The seminar was moderated by Gaspar Atienza Becerril, lawyer, Doctor in Law and Aspen España Fellow and Miguel Herrero de Jáuregui, Greek Philology Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Aspen España Fellow.

The Aspen España Seminar aims to bring together a group of 20 participants from different sectors of civil society, providing a balanced and plural forum in which to reflect and debate on the current state and future of our societies. The Seminar is based on a Socratic dialogue on classic and contemporary texts that interrogate participants about the challenges of an open society and how to promote enlightened leadership in all sectors, in a context of accelerated transformation of the economy and society and of tensions between the local and the global.

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