16 November 2023 - 18 November 2023
Aspen Seminar on “Sustainability and Future Generations”

Aspen Seminar on “Sustainability and Future Generations”


Aspen Institute España will hold the second edition of the Aspen Seminar on “Sustainability and Future Generations”  from November 16 to 18, 2023. The Seminar will bring together participants from a wide range of sectors and ages with the aim of generating a highly enriching exchange of ideas and experiences through two-hour discussion sessions.

The Seminar, moderated through the Socratic method used in other Aspen España programs, does not aim to reach specific conclusions but rather to improve the quality of our questions and raise the level of the debate on the great challenges of today and the timeless matters surrounding human values. This new edition of  the seminar will be moderated by María Sicilia Salvadores, State Economist, Strategy Director of ENAGÁS , and Gonzalo Verdera, Senior Advisor for Alternative Assets and Impact Investing, both Aspen Spain Fellows.

The aim of this second edition of the Aspen Seminar on Sustainability is to create a space for reflection, dialogue, and learning that will allow us to put the spotlight on and debate the world we are going to leave to the next generations.

The Seminar parts from the urgent debate on climate change and energy transition that rises the double question of what social, economic and political changes are needed to create a fairer and more sustainable society and how we achieve them. Sustainability is understood from this perspective as an early warning system and also as a guide, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which allows governments to agree on reforms, businesses to adopt new practices and citizens to mobilize, always with the aim of keeping the interests of future generations in mind. In this way, the Seminar is structured around five key aspects: technological innovation, climate change, finance and economy, energy transition and geopolitics, and the future of democracy.





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