16 December 2020
7:00 pm
Tech&Society: Interview with Nick Srnicek

Tech&Society: Interview with Nick Srnicek


Following the participation of Nick Srnicek, Lecturer in Digital Economy in the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London, in the Tech & Society Program —organized in collaboration with Fundación Telefónicaas a speaker in the fourth debate session entitled “Data, Compute, Labor: On the Political Economy of AI ”, María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, journalist and Director of PodiumPodcast and Podium Studios of PRISA Radio, interviewd him.

They discussed the growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s world and how it can impact our lives in the future. In addition, they focused on the main thesis of the speaker’s book, Platform Capitalism (2018), where the economist analyzes the transformation that capitalism experiences with the birth of the digital economy.

The event was followed live here and in social media by #TechSociety.


Nick Srnicek (@n_srnck)

Nick Srnicek (Canada, 1982) is a lecturer in Digital Economy at King’s College London. He holds a PhD in International Relations and was editor of Millennium: Journal of International Studies. Srnicek investigates around the interaction between the political economy and new digital technologies. In his articles he analyses the threats and opportunities of the new economic-social scene following the appearance of the digital with a radical break perspective. In this direction, he is co-author of ACCELERATE: A Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics (2013) together with Alex Williams, which made a major impact worldwide and was translated into several languages. He also co-authored Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World without Work (Verso, 2017), where the two explore a re-structuring of the labour market in which people are liberated thanks to technological intervention. The latest book he has published in Spain is Platform Capitalism (Theory Redux, 2016). He is currently working on his new publication After Work: The Fight for Free Time (Verso, 2019), together with Helen Hester. He participated as a speaker at the 1st Open City Biennial of Thought in Barcelona. 


María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros (@mjesusespinosa)

María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, Degree in Audiovisual Communication by the University Cardinal Herrera-CEU and D. E. A. en “History, Documentation and Analysis Film” by the University Complutense of Madrid. She is currently Project Manager of PODIUM PODCAST, the first global network of podcasts in Spanish that PRISA Radio launches for Spain and Latin America. Within this network directs cultural podcasts ‘Los Búfalos Nocturnos’ (in collaboration with Babelia and Culture El País) and Encuádrate (focused on the world of art). He has directed the documentary series ‘Biographies’ for the Cadena Ser. In 2016, she received its second National Ondas Award to the Best Internet Radio Platform by Podium Podcast. Currently coordinates the blog ‘Days of wine and podcasts’ in the newspaper El País. Co-founded in 2012 elextrarradio.com, an on demand digital radio that was awarded, among others, with the National Radio Ondas to Radio Innovation 2013 and Award of the Academy of Radio and Arts 2013 to Radio Innovation. In this same online radio, she ran Joyce’s whiplash program and it was responsable for the editing and postproduction of the podcasts of www.elextrarradio.com Previously, she worked in Barcelona for six years as “Coordinator of Production “in the program” L ‘Alternative “and editor of culture in the COPE Catalunya She has also been a collaborator in the program “La estación azul” by RNE, directed by Ignacio Elguero. She writes today in different media centered essentially on culture (literature): The Country Culture, Babelia, Lonely Planet, Free Letters, Valencia Plaza, Jot Down, Levante-EMV or Revista Mercurio. She teaches radio innovation classes, journalistic entrepreneurship and podcasting in the following centers: Miguel Hernández University of Elche, International University of Catalonia, European University of Madrid, CEU San Pablo Madrid, Cardenal Herrera-CEU Valencia, Polytechnic University of Valencia and at IEBS School.


Fourth edition of the Tech & Society Program

The Tech&Society Program aims to establish a forum for plural and enlightened reflection on the major issues raised by advances in digital technology and its influence in areas as diverse as human relations, politics, education, culture, economics or medicine. In each session an expert presents his point of view on how digital technology is influencing our lives.




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