26 February 2021 - 27 February 2021
Seminar Justice and Civil Society: «Justice and Literature»

Seminar Justice and Civil Society: “Justice and Literature”


Aspen Institute España will host a new edition of the Justice & Civil Society Seminar in collaboration with the Antonio Hernández Gil Foundation and sponsored by Nueva Mutua Sanitaria and Fundación Mutualidad de la Abogacía.  The seminar will be held iver two days and led by two expert moderators.

The Justice & Civil Society Program brings together a wide range of legal experts to discuss the value of justice and the relationship between policies public and fundamental rights. The Program operates as an open dialogue forum among representatives of the various legal professions existing in Spain including judges, lawyers, notaries, senior government officials, NGO representatives and academics.

The moderators will be Román Gil Alburquerque,  lawyer specialized in labor law and Partner at Sagardoy Abodagos and Aspen España Fellow and Marian Ahumada, Professor on Constitutional Law at the Autonomous University of Madrid and Aspen España Fellow.


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