23 November 2023 - 24 November 2023
Custom Seminar – Aspen Seminar for Zurich “Leadership and Values”

Custom Seminar – Aspen Seminar for Zurich “Leadership and Values”


Aspen Institute España will hold the custom Seminar “Leadership and Values” for Zurich Spain from 23rd to 24th November 2023 in Barcelona. Through Socratic dialogue, the Seminar will be moderated by Lara Jiménez de Parga, Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Barcelona and Senior Design Researcher, and Miguel Herrero de Jáuregui, Professor of Classical Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid and Aspen España Fellow, and will bring together 28 participants selected by Zurich, Trustee of Aspen Institute España, from among its Management Board and its Youth Committee. In addition, during the Seminar there will be held a colloquium with José M. de Areilza, Secretary General of Aspen Institute España, on “Power and Influence”.



Miguel Herrero de Jáuregui

He is Professor of Greek Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid and Aspen España Fellow. He holds a degree in Law and Classics, a Ph.D. in Classical Philology and History of Religions, and trained as a researcher at the Max Planck Institute, Harvard, Oxford (Christ Church), Zurich and Bologna (Royal College of Spain). He is the author of several studies on the philosophy, literature, politics, and religion of ancient Greece, and on the reception of classical culture in early Christianity and modernity. His latest books are El pensamiento narrativo (Sílex, 2023, with Fernando Ariza) and Catábasis: el viaje infernal en la Antigüedad (Alianza, 2023). He has been a technical advisor at the Consejería de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid (2012-2014). He is an Aspen España Fellow, in whose seminars he collaborates as a participant and moderator.


Lara Jiménez de Parga

She is a specialist in person-centered innovation and a Ph.D. student in the Sociology of Law at the University of Barcelona. A graduate in Law (UB) and a Master of Science of Law (Stanford University), she studies the impact of generative artificial intelligence on the legal profession. In the corporate environment, she is a UX researcher. She uses qualitative methodologies to give voice to patients and users in the development of new medical solutions and treatments. She works in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.


Aspen Institute España

Aspen Institute España was established in 2010 to promote leadership inspired by civic values and to address issues critical to the future of society. It organizes more than seventy debates, seminars and conferences on leadership and values, the digital future, sustainability, democracy, geopolitics and economics. The President of Aspen Spain is Javier Solana and its Secretary General is José M. de Areilza. The project is supported by fifteen Spanish companies and an extensive network of alumni. It is part of the international network of Aspen Institutes, present in more than twelve countries, and collaborates in a special way with The Aspen Institute in the United States. This philanthropic institution was founded in 1950, among others by José Ortega y Gasset, to train leaders in all sectors of society with a humanistic vision and a connection to civic and democratic values. Today it is recognized as one of the most influential think tanks in the world, with more than fifty ongoing programs in the fields of public policy and leadership.



Zurich España is a company in the Spanish insurance market with a history of more than 130 years in Spain. It has commercial agreements with Professional Associations and Associations to develop insurance offers specifically adapted to their needs. It also has business agreements with large entities in different sectors in our country, such as the automobile and financial sectors; entities with the capacity to access a large customer base and with a defined distribution structure. Currently, the CEO of the Zurich Spain Management Committee is Vicente Cancio, Alumni of the Aspen Institute España Sustainability Seminar.


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