03 May 2018
7:00 pm
Tech&Society: “Facebookgate, ¿Do I Own My Data?”
Debate, Conference
Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Tech&Society: “Facebookgate, ¿Do I Own My Data?”


Aspen Institute España and Fundación Telefónica celebrated a new conference on May 3rd within the Tech & Society cicle with Sandy Parakilas regarding one of the most commented issues these days: social media and the privacy of their users’ data.


Since Cambridge Analytica case, the debate about the true functions and purposes of social media is upon the table. This debate has legal, economic and technologic repercussions.

The case has demonstrated that sometimes companies manage our personal data in unethical ways, but there also exists some responsabilities attached to users: are we aware of the data we share when downloding apps to play games? Do we care about what companies know about us? Do we know our rights on social media and the responsabilities of the companies owners of these social media?

Sandy Parakilas was privacy manager in Facebook from 2011 to 2012 and took key decisions regarding privacy policies and personal data transfers to third party. Since the outbreak of the crisis, Parakilas has become one of the most interviewed persons by international media to understand the case.


Sandy Parakilas (@mixblendr)

Former operations manager at Facebook (2011-2012), he has been one of the most critic insiders with the company privet policy after Cambridge Analytica case. Now he is an advisor in the Center for Human Technology, a company which works for one healthier technology, and a product manager at Uber.

He has managed operation teams in Uber and Facebook, designed social media campaigns for some of the biggest companies wordlwide and created some companies. Parakilas publishes articles and gives conferences about the technology industry. His articles has been published in the New York Times, Washington Post or WIRED.


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