22 March 2017
7:00 pm
Tech&Society: “Human Wealth: Work in the 21rst Century”
Debate, Conference
Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Tech&Society: “Human Wealth: Work in the 21rst Century”


Aspen Institute España and Fundación Telefónica inaugurated the new Tech & Society Program with the Public Lecture and Debate held on March 22. In this first session, Ryan Avent, economic correspondent to the Economist, discussed the future of work and the impact of technological development on the workforce.

The new Tech & Society Program aims to establish a forum for reflection upon the big questions posed by advances in digital technology, and its widespread impact on multiple sectors of society, including human relations, politics, education, economics, and medicine.

Digital technology is radically changing almost all that we do, from the way in which we conduct business to how we educate the next generation, to the ways in which we remember to coexist in a democratic society. What are the most important technological changes and tendencies and in what we can we prepare to face them? What specific forms of technological change are improving our both individual and collective lives? What is technology´s impact in terms of political participation? How does technological development affect the work force, productivity, and the perception of health and of life?



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