01 February 2022
NextGen Network launches the report: “Make it Durable: Renewing the Transatlantic Relationship”
Aspen Institute España

‘NextGen Network: Transatlantic Initiative’ launches the final report: “Make it Durable: Renewing the Transatlantic Relationship”


The NextGen Network: Transatlantic Initiative, organized by the Aspen Institute International Partners and supported by Microsoft, presented, in its launch event last January 26th, the NextGen Network Report: Make it Durable: Renewing the Transatlantic Relationship, where the group considered whether the European Union and the United States still share common values and how to achieve a renewed relationship based on the demands of today.

In 2018, NextGen Network was created by the International Partners of the Aspen Institute, in which inception Aspen Institute España played a important role, supported by Microsoft. Its purpose was to form a group of young leaders from different sectors of civil society such as business, policy, technology and journalism to debate and promote possible solutions to the main challenges the global community faces nowadays. Over the past months, different phases have taken part in which the group engaged in surveys, virtual workshops, breakout groups, and moderated discussions on the current state—and possible future for—the transatlantic relationship in the field to produce a report outlining their perspective on how to tackle the global challenges of today. On January 26th 2022, the group presented the NextGen Network Report with the conclusions of all the previous gatherings.

In the launch online event, Suzanne Lynch, Co-Author of Brussels Playbook for POLITICO moderated a conversation with Beatriz Camacho Ávila, Manager for Southern Europe for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Casper Klynge, Vice President of European Government Affairs for Microsoft and Adrian Shahbaz, Director of Technology and Democracy for the Freedom House, who were the members of the NextGen group in charge of presenting the Report. Additionally, Federica Mogherini, Rector of the College of Europe, Former High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and VP of the European Commission (2014-2019), made some initial remarks about the role young people can play in developing the transatlantic relationship.

The deeply rooted transatlantic relationship between the European Union and the United States now faces old and new challenges. With rising autocracy, growing economic insecurity, climate threats, and the rapid development of technology, what is the transatlantic relationship’s role in mitigating these challenges? The Aspen Institute’s International Partners convened the NextGen Network of millennials and Generation Z, from across the United States and Europe, for a deep dive on these questions and others. The group concluded that strengthening democracy, building economic opportunity, increasing sustainability efforts, and focusing on the development of technology will remain crucial for a prosperous transatlantic relationship and democratic world. In their report, NextGen members outline their perspectives and provide concrete policy recommendations to today’s leaders.

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