Sustainability Program

The climate crisis, the risk of depletion of natural resources, the growth of public debt, and the weakening of multilateral institutions force us to ask big questions about the future of our societies and the sustainability of our economic systems, both for current and future generations. Sustainability has been present in the daily life of Aspen Institute España since its foundation in 2010, being one of the main topics addressed in our programmes. In order to strengthen our commitment to Sustainability and based on the debates of the Intergenerational Justice Program held in 2020, Aspen Institute España launched the Sustainability Program in 2022, with the first edition of the Seminar "Sustainability and intergenerational balances". The program is structured around this seminar that brings together participants of different fields and backgrounds to discuss a variety of topics relating to the climate crisis - such as the corelation between sustainability and economic growth, the future of democracy, the changing dynamics of global geopolitics on account of climate change, and questions of intergenerational justice. The last edition of the program brought together two expert panels on "The fight against the climate emergency" and "Markets & States: Leading for the Common Good", and with several sessions in the form of debates throughout the year.