Guillermina Ester, Partner of Pérez-Llorca

The three ideas that come to my mind when I think of Aspen España are: the act of listening, taking perspective and diversity. To me, Aspen España is a place to enhance the ability to listen and of understanding what the other is thinking. In Aspen España you put yourself in someone’s shoes. Aspen España is diversity, diversity of approach, perspective and talent. I enjoy very much and I feel very comfortable in this atmosphere of plurality that is created in the discussions at Aspen España.

Santiago Barrenechea , President of PWC Fundation

Aspen España gives the chance to dialogue without restrictions on any subject that contributes to a freer, fairer and more egalitarian society and that is very stimulating.

María Santoyo, CEO of Curiosa

Aspen España has provided me with a privileged environment for dialogue with people as similar as disparate, a framework that gives us the opportunity to exchange thoughts, question them, expand them, from respect, time and listening. From these forums, I can say that a good question is worth more than a thousand answers.