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Alumni Testimonials

Aspen Institute España selects each year from its network of Alumni those who have excelled during their participation at the seminars to become candidates for the Aspen España Fellows Program.


The Aspen Institute Alumni Network is an engaged community of people actively participating in our educational and policy studies events, providing important input for our activities, and helping sustain our mission to foster leadership based on enduring values and to provide a nonpartisan venue for dealing with critical issues.


The creation of the Aspen Institute España Fellows Program joins the network of committed Aspen alumni with the mission of Aspen in Spain and offers its members the opportunity to join the international Network of Aspen. Aspen Fellows may be trained to become moderators of Aspen seminars and have access to other programs and seminars of The Aspen Institute. Thus, their role as representatives and ambassadors of Aspen España is encouraged. Aspen Institute España selects each year from its network of Alumni those who have excelled during their participation at the seminars to become candidates for the Fellows Program.

Juan Moscoso del Prado
Aspen Institute Spain has open a challenging space of thinking and policy making that even after being in politics for a long time I did not know it existed. I believe that in times of crises sharing what we treasure as citizens of our democracies, that they are no so worn out as populists claim, and study and discuss using the texts of the best thinkers can really change things for the better.
María Sicilia
Aspen España provides a unique atmosphere of collective exploration and enjoyment to better understand the key challenges in our increasingly complex world. I took away from my participation at the Aspen Seminar a number of questions about the real impact of my professional and life journeys.
Noelia Amoedo
My experience at the Aspen Executive Seminar in Ronda was incredibly enlightening and the moderator had much to do with it. The selection of readings we debated about was in itself thought provoking, and the moderator often had insights that made us think beyond what was immediately obvious and was excellent at conducting the discussions in a very fluid way. One thing that I learned in the seminar is that good insights can come from where you least expect, and that there is tremendous value in bringing forth different perspectives to the table. This is something that I have tried to keep present in my everyday life, both personally and professionally.
Laura Padrón
Senior Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline
The Aspen Institute Seminar was a life-time gift. It helped me learn how to pace my life to have time to listen and think: to listen better paying more attention to the people around me; to think about important values to implement in my daily life. The moderator of the seminar had a lot to do with this learning experience, pushing us further and deeper into the texts
Daniel Romero-Abreu
Participating in the seminars of Aspen Institute España was for me a formidable and transformative experience. Aspen offers a meeting point for people from different professions and national origins. And all of them are there to discuss and reflect without sectarianism, with an unusual deep understanding about the issues of the world we live in
Crista Ruiz de Arana
The opportunity to reflect along with other people from different countries and different fields of work that Aspen provides is a unique experience. It marked me as a professional and as a person. It has allowed me stop and think about key issues of humanity, something I find more and more difficult in everyday life. It’s amazing to rediscover the power of dialogue, when an appropriate framework is created. Aspen Institute España provides, in his seminars, such environment!
Raphael Minder
The Ronda seminar is one of these rare opportunities I have had to think outside the box, leaving behind my usual pursuits and return instead to the kind of thinking and reading that I had not done in two decades, since leaving university and the joys of studying for the sake of learning and enriching one’s mind. It was wonderfully moderated and filled with impressive participants, as I discovered
there and since. You don’t believe me? Well, the young Socialist lawmaker who joined my seminar has since not only become leader of his party but could in fact be Spain’s next head of government.
Manuel Torres
Attending the Aspen Executive Seminar in Ronda was a privilege, a unique opportunity to stop, read, think, perform and debate over with intelligent people fundamental issues related to our current society and ourselves; a deep breath of fresh air generously provided for us by the great Aspen España team in a superb setting.