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Our Fellows share their experiences in Aspen.
What is Aspen Institute España for you?
Aspen España Fellows Program

Aspen Institute España selects each year from its network of Alumni those who have excelled during their participation at the seminars to become candidates for the Aspen España Fellows Program.


The Aspen Institute Alumni Network is an engaged community of people actively participating in our educational and policy studies events, providing important input for our activities, and helping sustain our mission to foster leadership based on enduring values and to provide a nonpartisan venue for dealing with critical issues.


The creation of the Aspen Institute España Fellows Program joins the network of committed Aspen alumni with the mission of Aspen in Spain and offers its members the opportunity to join the international Network of Aspen. Aspen Fellows may be trained to become moderators of Aspen seminars and have access to other programs and seminars of The Aspen Institute. Thus, their role as representatives and ambassadors of Aspen España is encouraged.

Domingos Cruz
Partner, CCA Law Firm
He is specialized in Corporate Law, M&A and Entrepreneurship. Graduated in Lisbon, from the Catholic University of Lisbon, he completed the Master in International Legal Practice at IE Law School in 2006. Domingos participated in the Kellogg program at Northwestern University in Chicago in 2006. He is responsible for the opening of the Shanghai office in 2010. He is the founder of the project "Tell a Story", a bookstore and publishing house specialised in promoting Portuguese authors, and of 'Utero', an arts center to promote and disseminate emerging artists in Portugal. He is also an accredited Business Angel in Portugal. Member of the board of EO - Entrepreneuship Organization, in Portugal. Member of the board of CIF - Club Internacional de Football, the oldest sports club in Portugal.
Pablo Echenique Conde
Lawyer and Partner of Cases & Lacambra
Aspen España is the "shining city on a hill". The place where different people meet to discuss issues that have occupied humanity from 2,000 years ago to the present day, around carefully selected humanistic texts. The institution is heir to the best tradition of the salons of enlightened Europe. In this increasingly complex and turbulent world, faced with a worrisome crisis of liberal democracies and open societies, Aspen España aims to be a critical but calm forum that helps leaders, personalities and prominent professionals to “improve the questions” in order to contribute to improve the quality of public debate in Spain and strengthen our system of freedoms and our institutions.
José Luis Escario
Research Associate, Area of ​​Studies and Analysis of Fundación Carolina
What I consider the most remarkable issue about Aspen España is how, from the reading and reflection of the selected readings, one is involved in dialogues about existential and social concerns from a different perspective. Aspen España has allowed me to assertively share my vision (even intimate) on these matters, independent of my professional activity. At the same time, all these years in Aspen España have taught me to communicate to others with respect: in the first place, by listening quietly (internally and externally) and aiming at understanding their position, even if I do not share it. By leaving labels and judgments aside, progressively I have been able to establish a more complete relationship with others and enrich myself with their contributions.

Beatriz Escriña
Head of Global Communications at City Cancer Challenge Foundation
Three Wise Men Day. The room full of balloons, packages and a magic that would not be easy to describe with words. You're happy just being there. You take a box. You move it, you shake it. You don't really know what it is, but it makes you smile. By your side someone with eyes wide open feeling the same as you. You both listen. And thousands of questions go through your heads. Some with an answer and others… with more questions.

This is Aspen Institute España to me: a gift.
Guillermina Ester
Partner of Pérez-Llorca
The three ideas that come to my mind when I think of Aspen España are: the act of listening, taking perspective and diversity. To me, Aspen España is a place to enhance the ability to listen and of understanding what the other is thinking. In Aspen España you put yourself in someone’s shoes. The debates generated at Aspen España help me in the process of reflection and grounding the information, in the idea that there is nothing without a solution. That is why I believe that Aspen España is also a place to focus on ideas from different angles. Finally, Aspen España is diversity, diversity of approach, perspective and talent. I enjoy very much and I feel very comfortable in this atmosphere of plurality that is created in the discussions at Aspen España. 
Pablo Esteves
Managing Partner, Emzingo
To me, Aspen España is a space, an experience, and a forum. It is a space for reflection, to explore different points of view, to develop, test, and question ideas -both new and old. It is an experience that invites dialogue, to listen to others and to oneself. In an Aspen experience one learns and teaches, laughs and cries, debates, listens and shares in a safe and welcoming space. And it is a forum where the intellect grows, is nurtured and inspired, and, without a doubt, is exercised and renewed.
Román Gil Alburquerque
Partner, Sagardoy Abogados, Professor, University of Navarre & IE Law School
Aspen España for me is the possibility of dialogue, dialogue itself and the fruit of dialogue. It is the conversation with friends, with history and with myself. It is humanism and joy of life. It is reflection and enthusiasm, texts and humor, benevolence and passion. It is a duty the possibility of being as it must be and a real being.
Manuel Giménez Rasero
Executive Director at SpainDC
Since 2012, when I was lucky enough to attend my first Aspen España Seminar in Ronda, I have been part of a community of citizens -now friends- concerned with understanding the complex world in which we live and with transferring reflections and experiences into our professional lives shared in Aspen España. This analysis, dispassionate, although not neutral, informed, although not elitist and abstract, although not useless, has helped me go through some years of great difficulty, but also growth, personal and professional. This community I speak of are the Aspen España Fellows, for which I am deeply grateful to Aspen España and to José, its promoter.
Joaquín Güell Ampuero
Senior Advisor of Investindustrial and President of the Joan Boscà Foundation
Aspen Institute España is the place where I don't always change my mind, but where I almost always change the subject and the arguments: sometimes, because my interlocutors are from another generation, discipline, orientation or nationality; sometimes, because the focus and method of the debates force me to revise concepts and prejudices. A place of freedom and trust, without hierarchies, where intellectual complicity is fostered - undoubtedly even more important than consensus.
Miguel Herrero de Jaúregui
Professor, Greek Philology of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Conversing is necessary because the first thing that an Aspen España moderator says is that it is much more important to listen than to be thinking about what you are going to say. Conversation in Aspen España is also horizontal. Everyone participanting in the seminar contributes diverse perspectives and different interests, with the same texts serving as the common thread. It is also diachronic; it also feeds back into the people who wrote those texts and what they were thinking at the time. It is a conversation with many different dimensions that is never the same. Like a jazz orchestra that will never play the same song twice.
Álvaro Imbernón
Senior Advisor, State Secretary for the EU
He is a political scientist specialized in European affairs and International Relations currently working at the Secretariat of State for the EU. He also teaches European integration and international political economy at Nebrija University and other educational institutions. He has recently served as an advisor on international and economic affairs at the Vice-Presidency of the Spanish Government and as a researcher on political risk and foresight at ESADEgeo. In the past, he has worked as a consultant in Belgium, Myanmar, and Japan and has collaborated with the United Nations University and pan-European think tanks such as the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and FEPS.

José Ramón Iturriaga
Partner at Abante Asesores
How can it be that the shared review of more or less classic but current readings can provide so much enjoyment?
That is Aspen España to me. Huge enjoyment.

Come away with more questions than answers. A gift in the shape of time for oneself from which if not wiser, you do come out more open-minded.
And this, in these times, is tremendously valuable.
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