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What is Aspen Institute España for you?
Aspen España Fellows Program

Aspen Institute España selects each year from its network of Alumni those who have excelled during their participation at the seminars to become candidates for the Aspen España Fellows Program.


The Aspen Institute Alumni Network is an engaged community of people actively participating in our educational and policy studies events, providing important input for our activities, and helping sustain our mission to foster leadership based on enduring values and to provide a nonpartisan venue for dealing with critical issues.


The creation of the Aspen Institute España Fellows Program joins the network of committed Aspen alumni with the mission of Aspen in Spain and offers its members the opportunity to join the international Network of Aspen. Aspen Fellows may be trained to become moderators of Aspen seminars and have access to other programs and seminars of The Aspen Institute. Thus, their role as representatives and ambassadors of Aspen España is encouraged.

Cristóbal Rodríguez Giménez
Counsel to the Council of State
is a Legal Adviser to the Council of State. He is currently attached to the 5th section of the Council of State, which handles cases from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, the Bank of Spain, the National Markets and Competition Commission and the National Securities Market Commission. He is also an Associate Professor at IE University (where he teaches European Legal History and Administrative Law and Economic Regulation) and a lecturer on the master's degrees at Universidad Carlos III and Centro de Estudios Garrigues. In his professional career, he has spent long periods of time at the Councils of State of France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg.
José Manuel Rodríguez Martínez
Director of Global Public Affairs, Iberdrola
Born on 7 July 1979 in Paris, holds a degree in Law from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas- ICADE. In 2006 he entered the diplomatic service. He began his professional career in 2007 at the Secretariat of State for the European Union in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Head of the Department "Of Justice and Home Affairs. Between 2009 and 2010 he was Counsellor at the Permanent Representation of Spain to the European Union (REPER). In 2010 he was appointed Consul General of Spain in Oran, a post he held until 2013. Between 2013 and 2018 he was Counsellor at the Permanent Representation of Spain to NATO in Brussels. In 2018 and until his incorporation in Iberdrola in 2019, he was a Vocal Advisor in the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs...
Alejandro Romero
COO of Constella Intelligence
In a world where deep reflection, dialogue and consensus are more important than ever, Aspen programs offer a unique space for the development of ideas and debate. As we have seen over the past few years, forums that facilitate learning, understanding and constructive disagreement are essential to encourage vital debates in the public sphere and reinforce one key insight to me: our rights and duties emanate from our status as citizens and not for belonging to a certain group. The Aspen model is undoubtedly the best antidote to the pernicious effects of echo chambers to which we are often attracted. Aspen thus offers a unique opportunity to generate valuable and impactful ideas on our society.
Daniel Romero-Abreu
Participating in the seminars of Aspen Institute España was for me a formidable and transformative experience. Aspen España offers a meeting point for people from different professions and national origins. And all of them are there to discuss and reflect without sectarianism, with an unusual deep understanding about the issues of the world we live in.
Crista Ruiz de Arana
Doctor in Psychology and Clinical Psychologist
Aspen España means to me a meeting place and an opportunity to reflect. It helps me deepen on essential issues of the human being, enrich myself in dialogue with others, meet valuable authors and new viewpoints. The different activities of Aspen España contribute to improve my personal and professional life; it helps me keep my curiosity alive, develop an “inner self” which allows me to review my priorities, it stimulates me in my clinical practice and in the way I teach. Whenever I can, I attend to the activities of Aspen España, because I return renewed and recharged with enthusiasm to contribute to the common good and be a better person. I really value the friendships I have made there and the training as a moderator.
Iñaki Sandoval
Pianist and composer
We have an individual and collective obligation to contribute to improving our environment, and to work for a better future for the new generations. Dialogue and debate, discuss ideas and positions contrasted from respect, with a constructive attitude, and a common desire for improvement and sustainable progress; that's how I understand Aspen España. Working to adapt to a constant change, but also being an active part and leader in this process, defending humanistic values such as solidarity, diversity and sustainable progress. My personal mission is to make the arts, culture and education play a leading role in this process of change, essential to build a better, fairer, and more beautiful society.
Salomé Santos
Agriculture Director of Azucarera
On all the occasions I could enjoy any of the Aspen España Seminars there has always been a common denominator: Aspen España always gives you an experience of personal growth. It may be a weekend Seminar in Segovia, a week in Ronda, a breakfast meeting or a virtual session. There is always a before and an after to the experience. Aspen España is to me a way of being in the world: a constant call to dialogue, reflection and action, which is forged through reading, access to the experience of others and the exploration of my own experience.
María Santoyo
CEO, Curiosa, Director, EFTI Master of Photography; exhibitions curator
Aspen España has provided me with a privileged environment for dialogue with people as similar as disparate, a framework that gives us the opportunity to exchange thoughts, question them, expand them, from respect, time and listening. From these forums, I can say that a good question is worth more than a thousand answers. I usually write down everything that interests me in messy notebooks that I can barely decipher over time, but from which projects, articles, conferences, exhibitions, dynamics have arisen over the years to stimulate the creativity and critical thinking of my students, unrealized initiatives, multiple utopias. In them, there are several, references and hunted ideas taken from the Aspen España seminars.
María Sicilia Salvadores
Aspen España is a unique forum for collective exploration and discovery to better understand the challenges faced by our increasingly complex world. From my participation in the Aspen España Seminar I took many questions about the real impact of my professional and life experience on my environment and on society, and the conviction that dialogue always enriches us.
Christoph Steck
Director Public Policy & Internet at Telefónica
I am convinced that innovation happens and the common good is enhanced when people engage and share diverse views. Today, when digitalization and climate change are disrupting our societies, we need more than ever new ideas that lead us to a better, more sustainable and value-based future. For me, Aspen España is a true gem, a refreshing oasis that shuts out the daily noise and gives me a chance to listen, reflect and grow.
Manuel Torres
Aspen España is a space for free and serene dialogue in which the issues that concern us, the human beings, the most are addressed. Aspen España is also a place for friendship, literature, and music. It is, in short, a stronghold of the public sphere that, hopefully, would reach everyone.
Gonzalo Verdera
Alternatives' AM and Senior Advisor
He has developed his career in the asset management and strategy consulting sectors. Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner of Altamar Capital Partners, one of Europe's leading alternative asset managers, he left the group to devote time and effort to promoting and advising new asset management projects in the sustainability and alternative asset space. In the early 2000s, he founded Bluequity, a company offering advisory and consultancy services to projects/start-ups in the communication, media, and technology sectors. Previously, he founded and managed a Securities Agency, Savia Capital, with the aim of covering the investment needs of institutional investors, providing them with trading services on the stock exchange...
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