08 September 2019
Welcome to the Blog Princesa 18
By: Aspen Institute España

Welcome to the Blog Princesa 18

We launch a new open space to expand the dissemination and impact of the ideas debated in our programs, to tell about the activities of the Aspen Institute around the world, as well as the reflections and proposals of the Aspen España community. The objective of the Princess 18 blog is to create a platform where we can share articles, videos or reflections on the idea of ​​Aspen. We want to better publicize our vision and commitment to the development of enlightened leadership and to dialogue as the backbone of civil society. As many of you know, we have started this new course with an intense program in Ronda (Malaga). We have had the opportunity to celebrate, in addition to the classic Aspen España Seminar, an advanced version of this Seminar, a part II, which has brought together a group of Aspen Alumni, on Leadership and character. It was also moderated by Todd Breyfogle, Director of Seminars at The Aspen Institute. Following the Aspen method of debate, the participants have used texts by classical and contemporary authors such as Aristotle, Kant, Simone Weil or Maya Ongelou to explore issues such as virtue and character, dependence and authority, relationships and transcendence or different approaches to the responsibility concept. Music and theater have been very present. These are some photographs of the Seminar. In the coming weeks, we will also share some reflections from the participants. We closed the year with the Global Politics Seminar, which for the sixth time brings together prominent young politicians from all parties and the preparation of the Justice and Civil Society Seminar, in its fifth edition. Likewise, we have started the course with an incredible debate at our headquarters on the climate emergency with David Wallace-Wells, author of An inhospitable planet (Debate) and another at Fundación Diario Madrid where we received Ivan Krastev for a conference and colloquium on his book After Europe and the need to reinvent the European Union.

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