Politics and Global Citizenship

This initiative was launched during the academic year 2012-2013, and is now in its fourth edition. The purpose of the Political Leadership Program –recently renamed as Politics and Global Citizenship Program- is to serve as a space for debate between young Spanish politicians and policy-minded people dedicated to public service and who have a demonstrated leadership potential. It aims at providing a well-structured space for discussion, where knowledge and reflection over the issues addressed may find a common ground, and where personal ties may be established among participants. The Politics and Global Citizenship Program is co-directed by Juan Moscoso del Prado (Socialist Party) and Guillermo Mariscal Anaya (Popular Party), and is structured around ten sessions throughout the year, in the form of open discussions and brief presentations from leading experts on relevant issues in the context of politics and public service. Sessions focus on three main areas of discussion: geopolitics, leadership and ethics and international economics. Almost 40 speakers have participated in our sessions throughout the three editions of the Program, including Javier Solana, President of Aspen Institute España; Hugo Dixon, founder and editor of Reuters Breakingviews; Robin Wright, Journalist, Author and Foreign Policy Analyst; Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary General of SEGIB; Pablo García-Berdoy, Spanish Ambassador to Germany; Robin Niblett, director of the Chatham House; Óscar Fanjul, Vice-president of Omega Capital and member of the Trust Board of Aspen Institute España.