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Our Alumni explain their experience
Aspen explained by our patrons, fellows and alumni. .
Socrates Seminar
Alumni of the Tech&Society Programme tell us about their experience at the Sócrate Seminar.
Aspen Seminar Sustainability and intergenerational balances
The Aspen Sustainability Seminar provides a space for reflection, dialogue and learning about the world we will leave to future generations.
Aspen Alumni Seminar
A group of Aspen España Fellows, interviewed during the Aspen Alumni Seminar “Leadership and Character” held in 2019 in Ronda (Malaga).
Seminario Aspen - Cañada Blanch
Alumni from the Aspen - Cañada Blanch Seminar explain the Leadership and Values in Europe Seminar.
Aspen-Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso Seminar
Some of the participants and moderators of the Aspen-Fundación Daniel and Nina Carasso Seminar share their experience.