01 October 2019
Debate-Session: “Brexit and the Future of Europe: A Transatlantic Reflection”
Aspen Institute España

“Brexit and the Future of Europe: A Transatlantic Reflection”


Aspen Institute España, in collaboration with Fundación Consejo España-EEUU, will celebrate a session on “Brexit and the Future of Europe: A Transatlantic Reflection”.  The debate will be presented and moderated by Juan Moscoso del Prado, Head of the International Relations Department and Exterior Affairs for the Consejo Económico y Social de Epaña, and José M. de Areilza, Secretary General of the Aspen Institute España.

The sessions will bring together a group of Aspen España Alumni and ten participants from the Fundación Consejo España-EEUU´s program Young American Leaders.  Participants will have a demonstrated professional experience, interest in Spain, the potential to contribute to Spain´s global image, and the ability to translate the experience.

Following the Aspen Method, the conversation will be grounded in a selection of texts, distributed before the session and guided through by expert moderators, and will encourage the exchange of diverse perspectives amongst participants.

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