29 September 2022 - 01 October 2022
Aspen – Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation Seminar “Leadership and Values”
Parador de La Granja

Aspen – Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation Seminar on “Leadership and Values”


Aspen Institute España held the Aspen – Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation Seminar on “Leadership and Values” from September 29 to October 1, 2022, at the Parador de La Granja, Segovia. Through Socratic dialogue, the Seminar was moderated by Isabelle Le Galo, Director of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, and Miguel Herrero de Jáuregui, Professor of Classical Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid, both Aspen Spain Fellows.

This seminar is a custom Seminar organized for the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, Trustee of Aspen Institute España. The Seminar aims to reflect and discuss current issues and the challenges of leadership in the 21st century, following the model of the leadership programs developed for years by Aspen Institute Spain. To this end, we brought together a varied and diverse group of 25 professionals from the cultural sector to debate and share their thoughts and ideas through a selection of classic and contemporary texts from political philosophy and literature.

The seminar addressed some of the present political, social, and moral tensions. The Seminar, moderated through the Socratic method used in other Aspen programs, does not aim to reach conclusions or agreements, but rather to improve the quality of our questions and raise the level of debate on the great challenges of today and the great timeless issues surrounding human values.


Miguel Herrero de Jáuregui

Professor of Classical Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid. A graduate in Law and Classics, PhD in Classical Philology and History of Religions, and trained as a researcher at the Max Planck Institut, Harvard, Oxford (Christ Church), Zurich and Bologna (Royal College of Spain), he is the author of several studies on philosophy, literature, politics and religion of Ancient Greece, and on the reception of classical culture in early Christianity and modernity: among others, the books Orphic Tradition and Ancient Christianity (2007; transl. English 2010), Tracing Orpheus (2011), Redefining Dionysos (2013), Aristotle’s Politics by Juan Ginés de Supúveda (2013) and Phocylides of Miletus: Sentences (2018). He has been Technical Advisor at the Consejería de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid (2012-2014). He is Aspen Institute España Fellow, in whose seminars he collaborates as a participant and moderator.


Isabelle Le Galo

Deputy General Manager for Spain at the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation. French-Spanish by origin, Isabelle has a double academic profile; scientific (advanced engineer in mathematics from Polytech) and political science (master’s degree from Sciences Po Paris). Her career developed in the private medical sector (Medtronic) and then in the social sector, always at the service of organizations of general interest; patients’ associations, NGOs of social action, corporate foundations and patronage at present. She joined the Daniel and NinaCarasso Foundation team in 2014 as Deputy General Delegate for Spain. From that role she drives the transition towards a sustainable food system, an art engine of citizenship and a collaborative and committed philanthropy in our country. On a day-to-day basis, the Foundation’s work combines an ambitious grants program, support for the social action and SSE ecosystems, development of social impact investments, research applied to the fields of action, and raising awareness among decision-makers of the challenges involved. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF), promoter and member of the Steering Committee of #FundacionesPorElClima of the AEF and member of the Advisory board of the European Foundations Commitment for Climate of DAFNE.


Aspen Institute España

Aspen Institute España was established in 2010 to promote leadership inspired by civic values and to address issues critical to the future of society. It organizes more than seventy debates, seminars and conferences on leadership and values, the digital future, sustainability, democracy, geopolitics and economics. The President of Aspen Spain is Javier Solana and its Secretary General is José M. de Areilza. The project is supported by fifteen Spanish companies and an extensive network of alumni. It is part of the international network of Aspen Institutes, present in more than twelve countries, and collaborates in a special way with The Aspen Institute in the United States. This philanthropic institution was founded in 1950, among others by José Ortega y Gasset, to train leaders in all sectors of society with a humanistic vision and a connection to civic and democratic values. Today it is recognized as one of the most influential think tanks in the world, with more than fifty ongoing programs in the fields of public policy and leadership.


Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso

The Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation works to transform the current model of society into one that is more ecological, inclusive and allows full development. It is committed to two major areas: Sustainable Food, for universal access to healthy food, respect of people and ecosystems, and Citizen Art, for the development of a critical spirit and the strengthening of social cohesion. It supports projects in France and Spain, mobilizing financial and human resources, as well as developing its own actions to this end. Driven by the objective of social impact, it bases its action on research, empirical knowledge, experimentation, evaluation, and shared learning. Created in 2010, it is a Grant Maker foundation (exclusively funding initiatives of general interest), family-owned, and affiliated with the Fondation de France. It is independent of any commercial company.

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