13 July 2019
7:30 pm
Aspen Institute España Friends and Alumni Reunion 2017

Every year, Aspen Institute España brings together all of those who have participated in its programs or supported its work in recent years. We look forward to this reception of alumni and friends as a wonderful occasion to exchange experiences, connect participants of different programs, and celebrate together the conclusion of another year, in addition being an opportunity to thank you all for your support, interest, and commitment to the endeavor of the Aspen España.

At the gathering, there will be a brief panel discussion between Juan Pedro Moreno, President of Accenture España, and a group of  Tech and Society Program alumni about the “Challenges of Digital Transformation.”

Speaker Biography

Juan Pedro MorenoJuan Pedro Moreno, President of Accenture España. With more than 25 years of his professional career dedicated to Accenture, Juan Pedro Moreno has held different leadership positions in Spain and at a global level, before becoming the chief executive of the company in Spain, Portugal, and Israel. Under his leadership, Accenture is developing the New Accenture, one which employs a new, innovative form of consulting and is a world-leader on the digital frontier that seamlessly integrates strategy and technology. Juan Pedro Moreno leads, along with the Executive Committee, all of the strategic initiatives in Spain, Portugal, and Israel, and, with attention the digital transformation of client´s lives, the subsequent development of digital services, cloud services, and security services for its customers. Strategy, Innovation, Customer Service, Leadership, and Caring for others are all present, lived-values in Moreno´s day-to-day life at the New Accenture. In addition, the president of Accenture promotes Corporate Social Responsibility in the company by the way of ensuring that responsible consulting is integrated into all parts of the company: Accenture bets on sustained and sustainable profitability, real and future, maintained by a firm commitment made with partner organizations and with society to improve standards, by the means of innovation and technological and digital transformation, and innovating the way in which the world lives and works. Moreno has a bachelor´s degree in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and was awarded High Honors. Moreno then specialized in the financial sector. Between 2012 and 2015 he was the Global Head of banking for Accenture, a position he co-held along with his post as Client Account Lead for one of the most important international entities in Financial Services (2006-2016). At a personal level, Moreno has had the honor to be an Eisenhower Fellow and co-authored the book “A new era in Banking,” a widely-regarded reference in the financial world.

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