16 May 2019 - 19 May 2019
Aspen Seminar – May 2019
Real Maestranza de Ronda

Aspen Institute España celebrated an Aspen Seminar, “Transatlantic Values at a Crossroads: Contemporary Leadership Challenges,” in la Real Maestranza de Ronda from May 16-19, 2019.

The seminar, organized in collaboration with The Aspen Institute (USA), was moderated by Todd Breyfogle, Director of Seminars for The Aspen Institute.

Based on the readings of classical texts of Western philosophy, politics, and literature, the Aspen Seminar analyzes the values of an open society, and the tensions inherent in the attempt to define such a society. These seminars bring together a group of distinguished leaders who come from a range of sectors within civil society, thus comprising a forum for the reflection upon and debate of the current and future state of democracy, as seen through the lens of timeless human values.

For more than sixty years, the Aspen Seminar on leadership, values, and good society has challenged leaders in every field to think more critically and deeply about the good society. The Aspen Seminar, “Transatlantic Values at a Crossroads: Contemporary Leadership Challenges” uses Aspen’s proven method of text-based dialogue to offer participants a plural forum in which to reflect on the current state and future of transatlantic, democratic capitalism in the context of timeless human values.

Participants emerge from Aspen seminars personally renewed, professionally re-focused, and better prepared to lead as they confront the difficult economic and political choices before them. In a setting conducive to thought and fellowship, each Aspen Seminar convenes a diverse group of 22 leaders for lively, intensive roundtable discussions led by a skilled moderator. Classic and contemporary texts reflecting the breadth of human civilization form the starting points of a rich conversation in which the questions posed by the group are frequently as illuminating as the varied, timeless wisdom of the texts.

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