15 January 2019
7:00 pm
Justice and Civil Society: “The humanist lawyer” – Teresa Arsuaga
Debate, Conference
El Club Matador

Justice and Civil Society “The humanist lawyer” – Teresa Arsuaga


Aspen Institute España and the Club Matador held a session on  “El Abogado Humanista”  (The humanistic lawyer) on Tuesday, January 15 at 7:30 p.m. on the occasion of the publication of the book of the same title, and with the participation of its author, Teresa Arsuaga. The session was held at the Matador Club (Jorge Juan, 5, Madrid) and was moderated by Román Gil, partner of Sagardoy Abogados and Aspen España Fellow. After the session, a dinner was held with the rest of the participants and the author.


“The Humanist Lawyer” – Teresa Arsuaga


The book presents the ideal of the Humanist Lawyer as an alternative to the technical and commercial conception that is currently dominant in the profession. He investigates what his understanding of law would be like, what kind of activity he would develop and what his intellectual education would be. The book’s startint point are the theses of James Boyd White and Richard Weisberg, two founders humanist jurists of the influential North American movement Law and Literature Studies. It aims to awaken in the lawyer the awareness of the genuinely literary dimension of his professional activity and expects from him the skills of the good reader, the literary critic and the artistic writer through the cultivation of capacities such as empathy, imagination and the analysis of the human experience at the service of moral progress and justice.



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