23 June 2021
3:00 pm
NextGen Network: Transatlantic Initiative

NextGen Network: Transatlantic Initiative


Aspen Institute España, Aspen Institute US and Aspen Institute Kyiv, supported by Microsoft US, host a new edition of NextGen Network: Transatlantic Initiative, a project which brings together 24 young leaders from both sides of the Atlantic, Europe and the United States, to discuss the present and future of the transatlantic relations.

In its initial phase, the NextGen Network: Transatlantic Initiative was held in two three-hour digital sessions. The first debate took place last Wednesday, June 2, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (CET) and the second session on Wednesday, June 23 at the same time. Both sessions were moderated by William Powers, former editor-in-chief of the Washington Post and MIT Research Scientist, and Suzanne Lynch, Washington Correspondent Irish Times.

The second debate hosted Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State (US) and Mircea Geoana, Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

The participants’ group is made up of 24 young leaders (between 25 and 35 years old) from all sectors of civil society such as the academic world, technology, business, politics or journalism, among others.

The project will conclude with a final report and an in-person launch event in Paris in 2022 where leaders of several international organizations will meet. The report will gather the ideas of the 24 participants about the future of the transatlantic relation as well as their perception of the challenges and strengths of this relationship. The presentation of the report event will be an excellent occasion to connect the current political leaders with the new generations.

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