24 November 2020
Seminar: Power and influence in times of crisis

Seminar Power and influence in times of crisis


Aspen Institute España held on November 24th the first edition of the Seminar on “Power and influence in times of crisis.” The seminar gathered around twenty participants by invitation.

The seminar was moderated by Xavier Coll, General Director of Human Resources and Organization of CaixaBank and Trustee of Aspen Institute España and José M. de Areilza, General Secretary of Aspen Institute España and professor of ESADE. 

Following the model of leadership programs developed by Aspen Institute España, this seminar aims to create a space to debate and share experiences on how to manage power in times of crisis, a concern on which the pandemic forces us to reflect.

For this purpose, a group of 20-25 leading professionals in the fields of Human Resources and Communication met to discuss different ways of dealing with problems during emergency situations in which tensions between values ​​and the professional objectives are revealed and the need to invest the political power of each actor quickly and correctly. The dialogue was structured through the debate of several cases of innovative responses to the current times of crisis.

The Seminar followed the Socrated method, used in other Aspen programs. The intention of the seminar is not to reach single conclusions or necessarily reach agreements, but to improve the quality of our questions and raise the level of the debate on the great challenges of today, the big questions about timeless values ​​that give meaning to our commitment to our organizations and our society and facilitate the introspection of each one of the participants to rethink what contribution they can make to their environment.

Aspen Institute España is an independent nonprofit foundation in partnership with The Aspen Institute. Its mission is to promote values-based leadership and public policies. Aspen España is recognized nowadays for the quality of its debates and seminars and for its ability to generate spaces for dialogue and conversations on critical issues for the future of society.



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