07 April 2021
9:30 am
Session III Series on «Economy and Society» with Manuel de la Rocha Vázquez

Session III of the Aspen Series on “Economy and Society” with Manuel de la Rocha Vázquez


Next April 7th, the third and last session of the Series on Economy and Society 2021 of Aspen Institute España will take place. On this occasion, we will have Manuel de La Rocha Vázquez, Secretary General of the Department of Economic Affairs and G20 in the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government of Spain, as the speaker. The session will be moderated by María Sicilia, Director of Strategy of Enagás and Aspen España Fellow.

This Series will bring together a group of outstanding leaders from various sectors of society: entrepreneurs, academics, public officials, scientists, artists and politicians, among others, to discuss different aspects of the current economy and its impact on society. The group will participate in various discussion sessions throughout the first months of 2021.

We believe that the civic mission of Aspen España is more important than ever: we need spaces for reflection and dialogue; spaces to discuss on the future of our society, dedicated to analyze and think together to emerge from the current crisis from the perspective of leadership inspired on values ​​and committed to the ideals of democracy.

Aspen Institute España is a foundation created ten years ago, a partner of The Aspen Institute in the United States. Its goal is to create a free and plural space to promote dialogue from civil society on leadership, values ​​and public policies. Today Aspen España is recognized for the quality of its debates and seminars and for its ability to generate spaces for dialogue and conversations on critical issues for the future of society.

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