21 February 2018
7:00 pm
Tech&Society: “Humanizing Smart Cities”
Conference, Debate

Aspen Institute España and Fundación Telefónica hosted the opening session of the 2018 Tech & Society Program edition on February 21st. The speaker of the conversation was John Jung, President and Co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum. Participants of this new 2018 edition  along with some participants of the 2017 edition took place on the session.

On this occasion, the publication of the Tech & Society Program 2017 was presented and distributed among the participants, which includes the sessions developed, interviews with the speakers and the reviews made by the participants of the program in 2017.

The session was held in English.

Aspen Institute España and Fundación Telefónica held, in 2017, the first edition of the Tech & Society Program with the aim of establishing a forum for reflection on the major issues raised by advances in digital technology and its influence in areas as diverse as human relations, politics, education, economics or medicine.

Digital technology is radically changing almost everything we do, from the way we run our businesses to how we educate the next generation. What are the biggest changes and trends in technology, and how can we prepare for them? What are the specific ways that technological change is improving our individual and collective lives? What is its impact on forms of political participation? How does technological development affect the workforce, productivity or the perception of life and health?


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