02 abril 2019
Mensaje de la canciller federal de Alemania por el 70 aniversario de The Aspen Institute
Aspen Institute España

Con motivo del setenta aniversario de The Aspen Institute y de la reunión del Comité Internacional de Aspen Institute celebrada en Berlín en marzo de 2019, la canciller federal de Alemania, Ángela Merkel, ha felicitado y reconocido el trabajo de The Aspen Institute por medio de la siguiente carta:



March 28, 2019

We are marking the 70th anniversary of the Aspen Institute -or, in other words, seventy years of dialogue and understanding based on common values. In 1949 Walter Paepcke organized an international event in Aspen, Colorado, in celebration of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s 200th birthday. That extraordinary gathering of prominent representatives from spheres of business, science, culture, and society was the start of something big. It grew into an ever larger network of think tanks, research institutions and decision-makers that are committed to freedom, democracy, human rights, and the open exchange of views.

The Aspen Institute was founded at a time when the horrors of World War II were still very present – when the promotion of understanding and reconciliation was by no means a given, but all the more necessary. Over the years, Aspen remained strongly committed to its belief in free societies and the open exchange of views. For instance, the Berlin Institute, which was founded during the middle of the Cold War, made a great effort to promote East-West dialogue. For more than 45 years, its programs have brought together all those who strongly value close transatlantic relations.

Today, we also live in an age that is characterized by highly complex issues. Finding answers continues to require honest dialogue and the open competition of ideas. We are therefore extremely lucky to have the Aspen Institute, which invites us to expand our horizons and look at the world from a different perspective.

For me, it is important and a great pleasure to congratulate the Aspen Institute, its leadership, and staff on this special anniversary. My most sincere congratulations go to you as promoters of dialogue. I wish you all the best, and much continued success!

Descarga la carta en PDF aquí: Angela-Merkel_Letter_Eng_Ger

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